Another reason why…

…I’m a Betamax man.

In a word, Twitter.

First, take a look at this article on Gawker.

I think most people would take one of two positions on the matter; for or against.

Me, I’m in complete agreement with the article above.

In a world of internet compression, where you can zip an entire movie, multiple soundtracks, angles, extra features all onto one disc, why the arbitrary word limit of 140 characters for a Twitter post?

This has had an interesting effect on language, including the aforementioned hashtag. Another feature of this “Twitterspeak” is leaving the subject off the beginning of sentences. For example, “Had dinner. Very good.” would replace, “I had dinner. It was very good.”

This is added to previous short-message-related changes, such as abbreviations like “u” for “you” and “l8” for “late.”

As someone who has put considerable effort into becoming a passable writer (how passable depends on the you, kind reader) I find myself annoyed by these developments.  I can’t work myself up to anger yet, however. I realize that language is an organic, ever-changing thing.

It shows my age where I see these changes, and know that my place in the great information society is no longer at the vanguard of the tech-savvy.

Not that it will keep from at least trying to keep up, a little at least.

That reminds me, I should see if my Twitter account is still active…