Four hockey blogs to remember

I love hockey.

I love reading.

Naturally, I love reading about hockey. In my mind there aren’t enough good books about hockey, and it’s even harder to find hockey books in Japan. So, to fill the void I’ve been reading more blogs about Canada’s number one sport.

Today I’d like to introduce you to four that I particularily like.

First is Elliotte Friedman’s blog on Hockey Night in Canada. I really enjoy his “30 thoughts,” which is a segment with little snapshots of what’s going on around the league. None of these are really worth their own articles, but they add a lot of personality to the news, especially for someone who can’t watch the daily hockey report on TV. One thing I wish he would do is cut out the Twitterspeak. It’s okay to start a sentence with a subject, Elliotte.

Second is Down Goes Brown. I prefer the older stuff as I think the authour (whose name escapes me) is feeling the pressures of having to update regularily. There is more repetition these days, but it’s still worth a read twice a week.

Third, Kerry Fraser’s blog on TSN is a very interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes, from the view of a former official who worked in some of the biggest games in recent NHL history. If only Leafs fans could finally let things pass after 20 years…

Last is a rather unknown blog written by an online friend of mine, Paul Wheeler. The blog is called Songs of Fire and Ice. Paul is a passionate and insightful writer, and as good as any pro. His only problem is he hasn’t updated in a while, and needs to get back on it.

You’re listening, aren’t you, Paul?

Those are the hockey blogs I read regularily. If you have any more you like and want to share, leave a comment!