That time of year…

So, if you’re a hockey fan like me, this time of year is the most exciting. It’s playoff time in the National Hockey League!

But as the second season starts in the NHL, I find myself without a team to root for. My favourite team historically is the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately, this year they have been dismally bad, finishing next to the hated Toronto Maple Leafs.

I have also started supporting the Winnipeg Jets. Winnipeg is, after all, my hometown and while the Jets have always played second fiddle to the Habs, I couldn’t help but be pleased with the heart-warming story of their return and the outpouring of support for the team by the people of the city and the province. The team, however, failed to qualify for the post-season (which was to be expected, really.)

So, I haven’t decided who to cheer for this year!

There are a few teams I will not be getting behind, like the Canadiens’ rivals, the Boston Bruins, even though one of the teachers I talk to the most is an avid Bruins fan. Sorry, George!

I do like the looks of the St. Louis Blues, who have made it to the top tier in a tough Western Conference without having any real superstars. It’s been a real team effort, and I would love to see them rewarded for it.

Any opinions? Leave a comment and I’ll weigh them carefully. In the meantime, I’m going to just sit back and enjoy the show!


Call it fortuitous timing, but there is another hockey league starting its playoff tournament this week as well. This one, however, doesn’t involve millions of dollars in overpriced talent, or even a single plane ride.

I’m talking about my favourite Internet simulation hockey league, the ISHL!

A few posts earlier, I mentioned the Full 90 Soccer League. The ISHL is the inspiration and the model for the F90, and like the F90 the participants run every aspect of the league. They are the players, coaches, managers and owners of the league.

The league was formed by a young man named Randy Geralt and is currently in its fifth season. It is a fast-paced league with games almost every day. The game is simulated on a game similar to the Football Manager used by the F90, specifically Eastside Hockey Manager.

The ISHL boasts ten teams, including my own Munich Reign. The Reign was started by my fellow blogger Alexander “Ursu” Jakobi. Alex (or Papa Bear as he is sometimes known) and our team has won the Championship the last two seasons.

Many of my Internet friends (and many of the names on my Blog Roll) I met through the ISHL. It’s been a good place (virtually) to meet some genuinely good people with similar interests to me. And the regular types of Internet Drama have been few and far between.

This week, the battle for the Remes Cup, the ultimate prize in Internet hockey, begins. If roleplaying or sports are interests of yours, take a look! Lurk around and if you like it, sign up!

And again, tell ’em Ken sent you.

One comment on “That time of year…

  1. crowpath says:

    How about you cheer for the Canucks… oh yeah, by the time you get this comment you may not be able to. Well, maybe they will make an epic comeback!

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