Blog Baton

This is the Blog Baton.

The idea is simple. You receive five questions from someone’s blog. You answer the questions, then send five more on to other people’s blogs.

I received mine from Alex Jakobi. Thanks, Alex!

1. What was the last book you read? Did you read the last page before you finished it – and if you did, why do you do this? Do you like Spoilers?

The last book I read was… Dune by Frank Herbert. It was my fourth or fifth time reading it, so I didn’t need any spoilers. There are some books I will periodically pick up and reread, Lord of the Rings, Stranger in a Strange Land.

I will eventually read all the Wheel of Time books again, if and when the series ever finishes. I’ve made a promise to myself not to read any series that hasn’t finished yet.

2. There is a blue and a red pillow available to you – you can’t feel nor touch them. Which one do you choose? Why?

Blue. I like blue. It’s a soothing colour. I can’t understand why anyone would have red in their sleeping place. It’s such and angry colour. I could never relax.

3. A good friend of yours asks you to choose the music for his/her wedding party. You style of music do you get them?

For the most part I would pick things that would make them happy on their special day, then at some point I would throw in the Chicken Dance.

4. You can see a young guy harrassing some kids in the subway. At first you think they’re just fooling around, but then a kid gets hurt. Do you step in personally to prevent further harm? If not, why?

If the kid gets hurt you kind of have to step in, don’t you? Seems like a no-brainer. Still, I do that about once a week at my school…

5. It’s a cold, dark monday morning and you don’t feel alright, but normally well enough to go to work. Do you skip work or do you push yourself over to work?

Must… go… to… work….

I usually feel a little better once I get there and start interacting with the people. If I worked in an office or by myself I would probably just go back to bed.

Okay, those are my answers.

Now questions:

1. Keeping with the book theme: When we read a book, we create the mental images of what’s happening and the characters, etc. When we write, we do the same thing. My question is: if you could enter a writer’s mind and see what he or she is thinking when creating that work, which writer and which book would you choose to see from the writer’s perspective?

2. Hot sandwich or hot pizza?

3. What would it take to get you to eat something you absolutely hate? It would take a lot for me to eat natto, Japanese fermented beans. Name your food and your price.

4. What is something good and something bad about the religion practiced in your local area. If there are more than one, please choose the one practiced by your closest relatives.

5.What is something you like and something you dislike about me? Don’t worry, I won’t take it personally.

And last, the recipients!

Dave and Judy at the Crowpath Blog

Becky and Matt at If All the World were Apple Pie

Shaheen at Recession Dodge to Victory

Paul at Songs of Fire and Ice

Thomas and the boys at The Happy Face Podcast

and last, Julien at these blu eyes.

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