The first post

Every blog needs a first post.

This is mine.

I guess a good place to start is the name. It’s a kind of catchphrase I use to refer to myself.

A Betamax man in a Blu-Ray World.

Betamax, of course, is the name of one of the first Video Cassette Recorders (That’s VCR for some of us.) Nowadays, my spell-checker won’t even recognize the word.

Anyhow, I will soon be forty years old. That puts me in the same age bracket as the old Betamax. I also find it ironic that as time goes by even Blu-Ray will also become yesterday’s technology.

I just hope I’m still around to enjoy what’s next, and I hope I don’t get left behind like the old Beta.

Besides, I just like the way the phrase sounds.

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